Bolivia by Ewan Thompson



South America is not short of stunning landscapes – from the towering peaks and glaciers of patagonia, to the forested mountains of Peru – but Bolivia stands apart, unique in it’s sparse beauty, studded with some of the most extraordinary sights imaginable. The sheer altitude of the mountainous regions renders the Altiplano treeless and thus other worldly, offering up just the earth’s bare bones, uncovered by vegetation. Volcanoes, salt flats and multi-coloured lakes confront travellers at every turn – in short a photographer’s paradise. My shots from Bolivia were all taken on 120 film with my trusty Hasselblad 500cm. The discipline of having only 12 pictures per film (and given the expense of developing them, only a few rolls in the bag…) forces you to focus intensely on each frame, with no chance to see the results until many weeks later. This for me is the magic of film photography, coupled with the challenge of landscape photography with a square format. My only regret is that I didn’t have time to make it across the border to Chile to see the Atacama Desert – which just means I have no choice but to go back…


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