Greenland by Tiago Higgs

Greenland by Tiago Higgs.
Resides in London, England.

Instagram: @tiagohiggs


When I visited Iceland, I knew the next stop on my list would have to be Greenland.
I started in Kangerlussuaq, previously a US military base which is now a settlement with a population of 500.


It’s so unique how the buildings are shaped, laid out and coloured in this place. Hike 6h outside Kangerlussuaq and you’ll find isolated cabins next to frozen lakes asking for the perfect photo to be taken.


From there I flew to Illulissat and that is where the magic really happens. You have 4000 people working together to keep the city alive.


The local heroes are the hard working fishermen who risk their lives at sea to keep the fish coming in.


If you decide to you can take a boat ride around the icebergs. They look like something from another planet.


When an iceberg breaks you can hear it miles away as though it is thundering, it took me a moment to realise what it was!


Taking another boat ride you can get to Oqaatsut which is another little settlement with just 30 people, if I remember correctly. There’s one tiny church and cemetery and the pharmacy is an open cabin full of medicine for locals to take as they need.

This small towns remote location doesn’t stop them from keeping up with education standards. There are 5 young students in Oqaatsut and classes are performed in the small church. I was fortunate enough to meet them and observe their class for a bit, but wasn’t allowed to use my camera inside.


More than any landscape, the thing that impacted me the most from this trip were the stories shared from the people that I met. They have a very raw lifestyle without many technologies.


It once again puts in perspective my life in the city and my real needs in day to day life.