South Iceland by Tom Perkins

South Iceland by Tom Perkins



Iceland’s unique combination of arid, sparse volcanic plains, dramatic mountain ranges and fast-shifting weather sets a mood unlike anywhere on Earth.


Perhaps the easiest way to experience this is to hire a car, and explore the southern region via Route 1, a ring road that borders the entire island.


The most southerly town is Vik – a small idyllic village that makes for a perfect home-base to see many of Iceland’s most arresting natural attractions.


Closer to Vik is the small promontory Dyrholaey that provides breathtaking views of the neighbouring coastlines of Selfoss and Reynsdrangar.


Travelling further east along the southern coast of Route 1 surrounds you with miles of flat, volcanic landscapes, punctuated by peculiar rock formations and glaciers.


Route 1 can stretch seemingly for hours without bending. Eventually the south easterly drive along Route 1 leads to arguably Iceland’s most famous attraction – Jökulsárlón.


This glacial lagoon is home to 100s of luminous, blue icebergs slowly drifting from Breiðamerkurjökull glacier into the Atlantic Ocean.


Jökulsárlón may be the most dynamic landscape photography location in the world, as icebergs are in constant motion from the winds and currents.


In Iceland, the “golden hours” that bookend the start and end of the day can last for hours, even in the depths of winter.


My shots from this seven-day trip were taken on a Nikon D610, in late December 2017.