Montgó, the lone mountain on Spain’s mediterranean coast.


By Mia Hagenow & Christian Bendel 

    Escaping the dark and cold final days of winter – that’s what we are thinking about when the year is in its early beginnings. Catching a flight down south to beautiful Spain, this is what we did. Visiting the Costa Blanca, the white coast, known for its fabulous climate, days of sun and stunning almond blossom at this time of the year. Upon our arrival we are welcomed by the blue sky, warming sunbeams and fantastic views. 

    The lone mountain Montgó rises up right off the Mediterranean shores of the Las Rotas Beach. With its peak at 735 metres he separates the two cities Xàbia and Dènia, which vary in many aspects and are both worth a visit. 

    The impressive sight of the rocky and rugged mountain from afar instantly inspired us to plan a day trip hike. Through the Mount Montgó Natural Park we follow the signs up the Cim Montgó surrounded by the most beautiful and outlandish flowers and plants, all growing in their very own setting. The red lavender, the maritime fennel, the Valencia rock violet or the palmetto all crossing our way up the rough and rocky trail. 

    Distracted by the rapidly changing and breathtaking view we quickly reach the final stretch of trail to mountains peak. Knowing from our brief research that the hike will be more challenging from now on. We are more than astonished that the following 500 metres turn out as a real rock climbing competition along the mountains crest. Following the white and yellow markings, while watching our steps, we made our way through the wind and the clouds to the summit. Wiping away the little sweaty pearls of excitement and exhaustion, we fall into sight of the small Spanish world framed in clouds below us. What a reward. 

   Our view directed to the Bay of Xàbia, the way leads down into one of the decaying bays. Let the sun tickle our faces and let the cold shore cool our feet. 

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