Destination Norway

By Lukas Budimaier

01 _map_3.jpg

    The initial idea to take a trip to Norway first came up around February 2017. Both of us did not have any plans for the summer, so we began talking about places we would like to go and shared our fantasies regarding possible trips. That was when we first talked about heading up North. Neither one of us had been to Scandinavia before, although it had been lurking in the back of our minds for some time. After some thought, we decided to give this idea a chance and started planning a trip that would lead us through Germany, Denmark, parts of Sweden all the way to our destination – Norway. While planning the trip, lots of different things came to our mind from places we wanted to see, possible routes we would like to take to get around, to the loads of camping equipment and other stuff we thought we would need. Our rough plan was to travel through Germany during the night, spend some days in Copenhagen and then continue our journey to the North with lots of vague ideas about our trip.

Finally, at the end of July, we left our hometown and hit the road…








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