Life in Quarantine

Words and photography by Fabiana Sarnelli

Matt breaks the silence in the street.
I can see him on the balcony, gently strumming the chords of his guitar.
Every day looks like the one before since I’m in quarantine.
It’s hot today.
I lay on the bed, staring at the reflections on the window.
I’m becoming lazy.
I start thinking about the possibility of not being able to travel anymore, and that a lot of time will pass before I will be able to go out again shooting.

And then I see it.

A clear line on his profile in backlight.
It’s beautiful.
I run to pick up the camera. Out of focus or focus?
Frame. Click.
I take advantage of the light and keep shooting.
Tonight I’m happy. I drink a glass of wine and think that I might be able to do it again tomorrow. 

17-04-2020 11

06-04-2020 20

Everyday I find something new in a place I thought I knew.
At night the lights of the little town paint the white walls of the living room orange.
At sunset, the green leaves of our balcony plants turn pure gold.
I’m astonished.
Why didn’t I see it before? 

31-03-2020 8

Then, there are the grey days.
Those where I take out my camera, look through the visor, and I can’t see anything (yes, I removed the lens cap).
Pushing myself doesn’t work, I feel worse.
I snort. I put the camera down and go bother the dog. 

Matt calls me from the other room.
“I’m coming!”.
Something stops me while I pass by the window. It’s a narrow beam of light. It cuts my shadow neatly in half. I move my head and now the light is right on my eye.
I think for a second. What should I do?
I stretch my arm and grab the camera.
Yes, it’s a damned selfie.
I love it. Click!

22-04-2020 17

The weird thing?
I take more pictures now than ever.
I live in between two balconies, with the camera always on me, scared to lose a moment or something beautiful.
Matt looks at me discouraged.
I look crazy.  But I’m having fun.

16-04-2020 1803-04-2020 10

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