Vintage Vancouver

Words and photography by Kira Godden

Photo 2020-05-22, 12 28 10 PM

Hi, I’m Kira!

After several years of travelling and living abroad, I find myself based in Vancouver – one of the most scenic cities in the world. Surrounded by water, snow capped peaks, and breathtaking landscapes, it truly has a plethora of beauty for any photographer. 

However since I started shooting film photography, I have fallen in love with the nostalgia of it all. It entices me in a way that the Modern World could never replicate. This is the side of Vancouver that I love to capture. Its vintage beauty. Time warp scenes, classic cars, and retro vibes. Vancouver has an undeniable aesthetic that has caught my eye, and I hope you enjoy my perspective on the city!

Photo 2020-04-26, 12 20 30 PM

Photo 2020-05-27, 5 38 29 PM

Photo 2020-05-11, 10 51 32 PM

Photo 2020-06-08, 10 06 35 AM

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