Chiara Dubey – Musician

Briefly say hi and tell us a little about yourself.

Hello everyone! My name is Chiara, I am a singer, composer, and violinist from Switzerland. I come from a classical conservatory education but my interest in music was always very eclectic. Right now, I am creating my own “sound world” which merges modern classical with pop and electronic. I suppose all musicians ultimately want to share emotions with the listeners – I am learning to find my own, personal way to do so!

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What led you to become a musician and where did it all start? What keeps attracted to it?

Well, it started on its own really… I always sang, from as far as I can remember. I even used to take possession of the bus microphone during the school trips and sing for the other (miserable) kids. At the age of 5, I was presented with a tiny violin for Christmas and have been playing ever since. With time my craving for music kept growing and became so significant, that it just had to become my profession.

It’s just something I could not live without, a necessity; when I get to perform my own music for people and I realize that they understand and are touched in some way, I feel fulfilled – yes I know, it’s a little cheesy, but true!

What inspires your songwriting? 

Anything that moves me… I spend a lot of time wondering about life, time, death, and sometimes these reflections carry me away and turn into strong feelings, that I then like to express in my own way. It happens mostly when I am in nature, or on trains, or during the last few seconds before I fall asleep.

Was becoming a composer a natural step for you in your music career?

Yes, writing also started on its own – when I was a kid I use to make up songs to make fun of the classmates I didn’t like. And they were not bad! This is my first memory of songwriting (I am not proud of it). This also grew with time and became a real craving for creating my own universe, musically speaking, and this eventually drove me to study classical composition.

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How would you describe your music style?

It’s a combination of different worlds: modern classical, pop, electronic. I merge atmospheric orchestral textures with alien electronic sounds, and my voice and words. The result is often dreamy and airy, other times more rhythmic and pulsating. There is always a slight melancholy in everything I write, I have to acknowledge that.

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You are currently working on your debut album, “Constellations,” when is this being released? If you can, please tell us a little about your vision and goals for this album?

Yes, Constellations will be released on the 21st of August. It’s a collection of 12 pieces and every one contains a little reflection, a thought…

When I was a child, I use to spend the summertime in the mountains and one of my favourite activities was laying on the grass and staring at the stars at night. It had a marvellous, magic effect on me: It would slowly detach me from reality, my thoughts would drown in that deep universe and I would find myself wondering about life, about death, about time, about dreams. That awareness and wonder accompanied me through the years and as I grew. I wanted to create an album that would carry some of those feelings; this is the idea behind Constellations. My wish would be, through the music, to invite people to leave their reality for a little while and let their thoughts flow, invite them to look at life with different eyes, with awareness and wonder… We tend to get lost in the fuss of our busy lives and we too often forget to do so.


Looking forward, what are your plans, musically, for the next year?

Mainly performing – I already have a few first concerts planned in my homeland and I am right now working on finding new dates in different European countries. At a certain point, I will then go back to my nutshell and work on something new!

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To listen to Chiara’s music you can find her on Spotify here or check out her website by clicking here.

You can also find her on Instagram here.