A day in the Welsh town of Conwy

Writing and photography by Becky Hughes

Sandwiched in between mountains and the sea, travelling to Conwy is like stepping into a history book. Driving over the bridge into the town your eyes are set upon the famous castle and the walls surrounding the town. After parking, we decided to have a walk around the castle walls. Now if you’re not a fan of heights (like myself), I’d maybe avoid the towers but sometimes you just have to push on, so I did…with wobbly knees. It was worth it though, from the castle walls you get to see an amazing view of the town and the river that stretch on as far as the eyes can see.


With lunch time fast approaching, and the fact we were in a seaside town, the right thing to do was grab some fish and chips from Fisherman’s and walk down to the harbour. Breathing in the smell of the sea and under clear blue skies, it was the perfect way to enjoy a hot meal in early winter. 


After finishing our lunch we explored more of what Conwy had to offer. Whilst we were still on the harbour front, there was Britain’s smallest house. A tiny red building made up of two small rooms, but sadly with it being winter it wasn’t open. Next to the harbour there were steps leading up to the walls, so we ventured up and were greeted with a lovely view of the waterfront. As the sun was slowly starting to set, everything became still and the only sound was the waves delicately crashing against the boats. 

The red house is Britain’s smallest house.


Walking back through the main street, you have to pop into Conwy bakery, it’s a must for anyone visiting, especially if you have a cheeky sweet tooth! With so many pastries and pies to choose from, you can’t go wrong. 

I definitely recommend visiting Conwy if you ever get the chance, there is much to do and explore any time of the year.


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