Submissions are now open for Issue #1

STADE magazine tells the stories of people, their places, and their pursuits.

Each issue is crafted by and filled with articles about the people we are, the places we call home and the destinations we seek to discover.

Where we live often shapes and impacts our worldview and identity. We want to hear from you about how the places you grew up and have lived in have impacted you. What is it about these areas that makes you feel nostalgic, passionate or maybe even proud as they have shaped your understanding of who you are? What makes these places special, and how do you like to spend your time there? We are also interested in your unique living space, so if you have a story to share: we want to hear it!

Traveling awakens our minds to the vastness and diversity of our world and the people who live in it. At times it challenges or affirms the views we hold and allows us to grow beyond what we have established as our comfort zone. We want to hear your travel stories, both the fun lighthearted adventures and the challenging wayward trips!

The pursuits in our lives tell a lot about who we are as a person, and help strengthen and mold who we are as people. If you have something that you are pursuing or spend your time chasing, then please feel free to send your story our way. This could be a hobby, a goal you are passionate about achieving or even a career that you are pursuing (or something you are pursuing in your career).

For all submissions please email them to In the subject line of your email please include “Issue 1” and the section you would like to be considered for (people, places, pursuits). In the submission email please include a sample of your writing of at least 300-500 words and sample pictures that go with your writing. Please keep the picture files to around 2-4 mb. Finally, please include your name and any social media handles that you would like us to check out.

Please note: All submissions must be your original ideas and experiences, and ones that you have not been subsidized for, or are in breach of any copyright laws. Due to the small size of our team we will only contact those who we feel may be a right fit for the issue.

Submissions close date is November 7th, 2020.